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Experience the Intense Menthol Kick with SIBERIA EXTREMELY STRONG MALTA All White Regular: Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches Reviewed


From the renowned brand Siberia, renowned for their chewing tobacco, introduce SIBERIA EXTREMELY STRONG MALTA, an extremely potent nicotine pouch that offers a mesmerising menthol flavour sure to set your senses alight.  This product’s potent aroma and flavour could certainly have an invigorating effect one might equate to ‘rising from an armchair’. Packaged in an appealing casing, each packet comprises 15 individual pouches of regular size.

“The individual pouches are fairly filled and moist, making Siberia All White both a sensuous and satisfying experience.”

Each pouch contains an extraordinary 33 mg/g of nicotine, equating to an impressive 33 mg per pouch with each bag equalling one gram. This high dose of nicotine represents Siberia All White as a product specifically designed for experienced users or those currently using traditional smoking products heavily.

  • Nicotine content: 33 mg/g
  • Package Contents: 15 regular-sized pouches
  • Experience Level: Ideal for experienced users and frequent smokers

We highly recommend prioritising responsibility and knowledge about your nicotine tolerance when considering Siberia All White. Its high nicotine content may prove too intense for novices or occasional users. Siberia All White Regular is a powerful experience, ushering in a new breed of nicotine consumption.

ProductNicotine Level (mg/g)Recommended For
Siberia -80 White Portion24Experienced Users
Siberia -80 White Dry Portion43Heavily Addicted Smokers
Siberia -80 Xtremely Black Portion43Heavily Addicted Smokers
Traditional Snus8Beginners to Intermediate Users



When it comes to Siberia’s nicotine pouches, all are strikingly intense, authentic, and provide an incredible kick. The Siberia All White Regular Extremely Strong is no exception.

The pouches come in a sleek and stylish package, personally handpicked to match the exceptional quality of what lies within. Each packet contains 15 regular-sized sachets, providing ample supply for the seasoned user. The moist and generously filled sachets act as a reservoir, continuously releasing the strong and invigorating nicotine hit, with a stunning count of 33 mg/g (33 mg/pouch). Put simply, every pouch weighs 1 gram.

However, I urge you to remember that these are no ordinary pouches. Given the particularly high levels of nicotine, they’re recommended chiefly for experienced users, and those striding towards freedom from addiction to cigarettes. Still, beware: these pouches are known for their strength. They aren’t for the faint of heart, with nicotine contents reaching as high as 35.4 mg per pouch. This is substantially above average when compared to other products in the same category.

Siberia’s All White strips back any unnecessary extras and focuses on delivering a simple, yet powerfully effective nicotine experience. As the brand’s reputation entails, Siberia guarantees a formidable rush, but remember, they also ensure safety is paramount. Their reliable products are not recommended for beginners, nor those who might be overly sensitive to nicotine. It’s all about knowing your limits and using responsibly.

Naturally, Siberia continues to lead the market, not just in strength, but in variety as well. Their pouch selections span the Original, Slim, White, and Mini portions. Each is tailored to match different levels of experience, meeting the unique demands of users from novices to seasoned veterans.






Very Stong

Nicotine Strength (mg/ Pouch)

32 mg



Pouches per can



GN Tobacco

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