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Experience Maximum Flavor with Siberia Mini Portion Malta: A Breakdown of Its Frosty Notes and High Nicotine Content.


If the notion of a robust, cooling, mint experience seems enticing, then Siberia Mini Portion Malta could be the perfect candidate to spice up your daily routine. Imagine walking through an icy winterstorm, the crisp, fresh notes of natural peppermint and refreshing menthol creating a frosty atmosphere around you. This could be your everyday experience with Siberia -80. As a word of caution, this is not a product for beginners. Each portion contains a potent 21.5 mg of nicotine, intensifying the invigorating effect of the minty flavours.

“All good things come in small packages”.

This saying holds true for the Siberia -80 tasting experience. The product comes in a compact, mini format that offers discretion and ease of use. Once placed under the upper lip, it becomes invisible to onlookers, providing a subtle yet effective nicotine hit. Its smaller size also minimises discomfort and invasiveness, especially for those unaccustomed to such products. Siberia -80 All White Mini’s moist contents guarantee immediate release of nicotine and flavour, taking the potency of the experience up a notch.

Siberia’s philosophy is all about making intense taste experiences accessible. By creating the -80 series in several formats, they accommodate a wide spectrum of user preferences. Whether you want a different feel under your lip or simply seek to enjoy the product’s pure force, t Siberia -80 caters to all needs.



ProductNicotine Content (mg per portion)FormatMain Flavours
Siberia -80 All White Mini21.5MiniPeppermint, Menthol
Siberia -80 All White Slim19.5SlimPeppermint, Menthol
Siberia -80 All White Large26.5LargePeppermint, Menthol

Besides forging the way ahead for a powerful and immersive tasting experience, Siberia -80 has rewritten the rules with their alluring collection of products. Moreover teeming with an intense nicotine hit, the brand offers a spectrum of formats to cater to your unique preferences. Their Mint Mix flavour makes for a refreshing and invigorating aromatic experience. Using a clever combination of distinct mint hints and cooling notes of menthol. Moreover customers new to pouches or those preferring a less pronounced feel, the Mini format might just be a perfect fit.

Yet, from Mini to Slim to Large, the range accommodates all, promising an experience that is as rich as it is satisfying. Feel the joy with Siberia Nicotine Pouches Malta!






Very Stong

Nicotine Strength (mg/ Pouch)

32 mg



Pouches per can



GN Tobacco

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