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SIBERIA SLIM PORTION MALTA Nicotine Pouches Review: A Strong Menthol


If you’re a seasoned tobacco user or if you’re battling the challenges of nicotine addiction, then you might be intrigued by the Siberia Slim Portion Malta nicotine pouches that we are reviewing. Famed for its robust chewing tobacco, the brand’s nicotine pouches do not disappoint in matching this reputation.

The clear standout feature of Siberia nicotine pouches is its profound menthol flavour and scent that never fails to pack a punch. It’s no exaggeration to say this burst of freshness can be a literal jolt to your senses!

“The Siberia nicotine pouches stand out with their unmissable menthol hit – a sensory experience that commands your attention and gets you right off the chair!”

Every package comes with 20 slim-sized sachets. Each one is moist and well-filled, ensuring a lasting experience in each pouch. Additionally, these pouches are not just user-friendly but also aesthetically packaged, making them all the more appealing.

Do take note, however, of the high nicotine content in these pouches – 33 mg/g or about 25 mg per pouch. Siberia doesn’t skimp on this front, making these pouches more suitable for experienced users.

  • Brand: Siberia
  • Product: Nicotine Pouches
  • Flavour: Strong Menthol
  • Packaging: 20 slim-sized sachets per package
  • Nicotine content: 33 mg/g (approximately 25 mg per sachet)

The Siberia nicotine pouches carry our strong recommendation, especially if you’re an experienced user or a heavy smoker. For those new to nicotine products or those with low tolerance, please proceed with caution.

Renowned for its chewable tobacco, Siberia has gone a step further with their range of nicotine pouches. Each compact and stylish package houses 20 moist and generously filled sachets. Sealed in a slim sized pouch, it’s more than just a regular tobacco product.

Their signature cooling mint profile, derived from spearmint, greets your senses with a potent and refreshing firework of flavors. It’s a unique character that truly sets Siberia’s pouches apart from the rest. What’s more, their distinctive tobacco character is another trademark that signifies their commitment to providing superior quality.

Ultimately, Siberia nicotine pouches aren’t merely about staving off nicotine cravings. It’s an immersive experience, a journey into an intense world of flavours, texture, and wonderful visceral sensation. Please remember to enjoy responsibly.






Very Stong

Nicotine Strength (mg/ Pouch)

32 mg



Pouches per can



GN Tobacco

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