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Experience the Refreshing Minty Kick of WHITE FOX BLUE (MINT) Slim Portion Nicotine Pouches!

Embrace the refreshing revolution in nicotine pouches with White Fox Blue.A slim portion nicotine pouch that’s both strong in nicotine content and invigoratingly minty in its cooling taste. This is a product that breaks the mould, delivering long slimmed pouches that are 100% tobacco-free and fit subtly under your lip. Manufactured by GN Tobacco, White Fox is not just popular, it’s essential for those desiring that perfect, exhilarating buzz.

Feel the thrill. Taste the cool, minty freshness. Discover the powerful punch of nicotine. That’s the White Fox experience.

Appealing to a wide array of preferences, White Fox All White embraces diversity with its spectrum of five exciting variants: Full Charge, Double Mint, Peppered Mint, and the mysterious allure of White Fox Black.

Moreover crafted to perfection, the White Fox All White offers a truly invigorating minty hit. Packed with a punchy 16mg/g nicotine content, each slim pouch provides that desirable “buzz”. Its slim portions sit discreetly under your lip, ensuring a smooth and undisturbed experience.

White Fox Blue by the numbers:

Nicotine mg/g16
Nicotine mg/pouch12

White Fox impresses with its array of intriguing varieties. ‘Full Charge’ promises an electric flavour burst, ‘Double Mint’ doubles up on the cool factor.’Peppered Mint’ adds a spicy intrigue and ‘White Fox Black’ delivers a distinct depth. With no tobacco in sight, these White Fox variants maintain a neat edge in the playing field of nicotine pouches.

Full ChargeAn electrifying flavour experience
Double MintAn extra burst of cool mint
Peppered MintA pleasing fusion of cool and spicy
White Fox BlackA deep, distinctive flavour profile

Brought to us by GN Tobacco, the true veterans in the industry, you can trust in the superior quality of White Fox. Ready to experience this exciting range of nicotine pouches? Have a browse here at SnusMe and find your perfect White Fox match today.

Embolden your taste experience with White Fox All White. Browse the range and discover your perfect match at Nicotine Pouches Malta today.







Nicotine Strength (mg/ Pouch)

16 mg



Pouches per can



GN Tobacco

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