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Discover the New Improved White Fox Nicotine Pouches: Their Unique Features and Benefits


Unveiling the newest innovation in the world of nicotine pouches: meet the enhanced, more comfortable, and superior-quality WHITE FOX – Full Charge. It’s the recent sensation catching everyone’s attention, especially if you’re already familiar with its older sibling. Manufactured by the renowned GN Tobacco, this Swedish brand continues its reputation for premium pouches but with a few significant tweaks tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.

So, what’s new with WHITE FOX – Full Charge?

Well, the most significant tweak is in the design of the pouches. The size is standard now, quite comfortable for regular users. It’s not just the size that has undergone a change, but even the material of the pouches has also been subtly modified, all thanks to the innovative minds at GN Tobacco.

So, what can you expect from these pouches? WHITE FOX – Full Charge promises a unique experience that will surely not disappoint. This sensation is beautifully complemented by the sweet flavour of spearmint. The sweet mintiness combined with the desired nicotine kick marks an intense, invigorating experience.

The quality of these pouches is another winning aspect you can’t overlook. The pouches bear an all-white hue, hinting at the pristine quality. The slim format of the pouches makes them extremely user-friendly – a key consideration for daily users. The gentle texture of the pouches will not irritate your gums, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.

Furthermore, the pouches come in a wonderfully amusing and modern can design, reflecting the brand’s commitment to keeping things fresh and engaging.

Lastly, let’s not forget that WHITE FOX is a proud product of GN Tobacco, a reputed Swedish brand etched in the nicotine product industry since 2009. The same masterminds who have given us popular nicotine pouch brands such as HIT and Siberia. Steeped in years of expertise and innovative practices, there’s little to no surprise how WHITE FOX – Full Charge stands out on the shelves.







Nicotine Strength (mg/ Pouch)

16.5 mg



Pouches per can



GN Tobacco

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